House plants make “store bought” cakes fit for a wedding.

A number of years ago, we were invited, along with a few other friends, to witness a spontaneous, intimate wedding ceremony held at the couple’s home during the first year that Gay Marriage was legal in the United States. I asked if they were planning to celebrate with cake and champagne to which they replied, “Champagne? Of course!” “ No cake?” I responded. “No, it is such a last minute decision we couldn’t make it happen.” “ I’ll bring the cake! You have to have cake!”

As there was no time to make the cake myself. I scoured the local grocers, bakeries and markets, found two little cakes and brought them home. After stacking them and piping a bit of Royal icing decoration that reflected the couple’s mid-century modern home interior, it still seemed lacking. I looked out in the garden but found nothing yellow that was small enough to not overwhelm the tiny tiered cake. “Oh well,” I thought, and went back in the house.

Then I noticed the yellow kalanchoe on the kitchen window sill,. “Aha!!!” I broke apart a flower cluster and applied the florets around the seam between the two layers. It was pleasing but still seemed unfinished. Inspired by my indoor plant source, I searched through the house and came upon a white Phaleonopsis orchid in full bloom. “Yes!!! Perfect with the touch of yellow in the flowers’ throats!”