Sending flowers as an expression of condolences for the loss of a loved one is an intimate, thoughtful, heartfelt gesture between between dear friends and family.  For me, these assignments are never taken lightly. Inspiration for designing expressions of sympathy in bereavement are most successful when elements of the design connect the two parties.

In this example the order was placed by a client who was born and raised in South Africa and strongly affected by that landscape and her mother’s gardens.  The Protea Nutans I chose to represent her and her heart.  The recipient, I was told, “loves orchids”, so I chose white phaleonopsis orchids to connect giver to receiver, and color to signify mourning.

The red flecked yellow protea blooms connect the two flowers at the center of the orchid blooms.  The radiant energy of the protea puts energy in the unspoken message to the recipient whose sorrow in loss may now be buoyed with love.  The scented cedar joins these flowers with its cultural associations with healing, purification and spiritual protection.