A plant with flowers given as a gift a hospital stay

“I just want you to know how much I appreciate your dropping off this wonderful little flower. It truly brightens my day. I’ll look at it constantly.”

The smallest gift or gesture can can bring comfort, hope and a little bit of joy to a dear friend or loved one during a hospital stay.  The 1960s floral industry slogan, “ Say it with flowers.” couldn’t be more powerful in this setting.  Always think small and consider a durable flowering plant as a gift, keeping in mind that  a well intentioned bouquet is dying on arrival.  Who wants to contemplate flowers wilting and water turning green over these long, tedious hours ? Remember that surface space is always at a premium in these rooms.  The most emotionally, impactful and comforting gift during such anxious times is something small enough to fit on a patient’s bedside tray , their dining room and desk for the duration of their stay.