Considering sight & smell and a flower’s growth habit for a Get Well order.

One summer day a favorite client called requesting a Get Well arrangement for her niece whom would be returning home from surgery in two days. She was planning to visit her in New Jersey during her convalescence and wanted to bring her something special. I asked what procedure she would be recovering from and was told corrective eyesight surgery on both of her eyes. She went on to tell me, with great sympathy in her voice, that for 7-10 days she would be confined to her bed, on her back, looking straight up at the ceiling in her waking hours to assure optimal healing.

With a bit of dismay, I wondered aloud how it was that she would be able to appreciate my client’s thoughtful gift if she couldn’t see the flowers? She responded “Oh my. I hadn’t thought of that! But I really want to bring her something to cheer her up! Maybe a bouquet of heavenly scented flowers?” she offered tentatively. I asked her to call her niece and confirm she was not allergic to scented flowers and told her that I would consider this design challenge.

In the meantime, later in the week, I noticed that my wild Sweet Peas in my studio garden were in full bloom. I cut an armload and brought them into the studio as I considered incorporating them into a weekly installation. As I worked with them, their sweet fragrance filled my nostrils and I realized that they were perfect for my get well arrangement’s scent requirement!

I arranged several stems in a tall, sinched bud vase and took a photograph to send to my client for approval. Looking at the sweet peas through my camera lens, I noticed that the vines floated out and downward and in that moment realized that if the vase was placed next to her niece’s bedside, above her head, that she would also be able to see them!

After her visit, my client called to tell me how successful this solution was. Her niece thrilled at watching the vines continue to bud and open, and, to her great surprise, fade and grow pea pods!! Such a delightful ongoing experience lasting two weeks!