Flowers in company lobby settings are most often simple one to two element arrangements designed in vases that complement the interior design of corporate lobbies and may also reinforce corporate branding by design style and/or palette that reinforces logo color(s). They may convey modernity, luxury, high design, or minimalism. These design considerations are invariably tied to corporate culture in branding.

Corporate events and entertaining may also be governed by these considerations but these occasions may also be theme driven particularly in observing end of year holidays. Lobby/building decorations invariably will consider logo and branding palettes but will also reflect corporate values and culture and generally are designed to be sensitive to the religious diversity of the work force. Religious and secular holiday symbols are generally avoided in this setting to support employee diversity. Tucker often draws upon Nature’s seasonal icons such as stars, snow, ice, birds, trees and flowers etc.

Retirements, new product rollouts, sales achievements as well as business meetings conferences call for other considerations. Entertaining and hosting clients or VIPs are yet another agenda that flowers play a significant roll.

Tucker also has extensive experience working with art museums and galleries where he is invited to preview exhibitions to consider aspects of the art on view as inspiration that ties the florals overtly to the work and its unveiling.