The past three months have been intense, to say the least!  Nearly two years to the day, my business came back to life with a ROAR!  It felt like zero to 90 mph in 60 seconds!  Head spinning!!  Events, major in importance and scale, put off for two years, piling up, bursting with the need to be held, suddenly and voraciously commandeered my business.  

With the light of normalcy growing ever brighter and my operations settling into an increasingly more comfortable routine, a number of epiphanies are bubbling to the top of my conscience.  First—I survived! I rode the wave all the way into the shore! My work is stronger than ever.  I am more confident than ever! It’s a remarkable revelation.  I am amazed at my resilience, strength, fearlessness, resourcefulness, fortitude, endurance, courage, determination, bravery.  I am Proud of my self.  

Looking over the photos of this insane second quarter, interesting visual themes are emerging.  In particular, the rainbow palette that was touched off by a client /  muse close at the outset of this crazy rollercoaster of a time, stealthily appeared and turned up the volume to FULL by the end of this month.  PRIDE month.

From the time I was a boy becoming self aware in my woodland fort,  trying to make sense of my life and imagining my life as an adult in full, COLOR has loomed large. I realize that it is no coincidence that living in color with color is my happy place.  Color, saturated, vibrating color is literally a life force to me.  Living in full color working with this palette IS my Happy Place.  I need it like I need air.  It is my life force.