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Wedding Cake on the Fly

 House plants make “store bought” cakes fit for a wedding. A number of years ago, we were invited, along with a few other friends, to witness a spontaneous, intimate wedding ceremony held at the couple’s home during the first year that Gay Marriage was legal in the United States. I asked if they were planning to celebrate with cake and champagne to which they replied, “Champagne? Of course!” “ No cake?” I responded. “No, it [...]


An Embarrassment of Riches

One of the pleasures of my corporate contract work is the occasional surfeit of flowers that are still at their peak on the 8th day when I install the new week’s florals. Certain orchid species, Lilies, Mums, Alstromerias, among other varieties, often have an “afterlife”. That is to say, “they are still perfectly good! You aren’t possibly throwing those out, are you?!” In these circumstances, the options are to given them away, which may be [...]


Homage to Howardena Pindell

Project Assignment: Design florals for a dinner reception at the Yale President’s House to honor the black female artist, Howardena Pindell, one of many women alums honored in 2018  and 2019 as the University celebrated 50 Years of Women at Yale. These assignments are some of the most interesting of my career.  They require in-depth research with a very particular visual lens to suss out design inspiration from published accounts of their fascinating careers and [...]


A Post Valentine’s Day Meditation

by Jan Peterson at National Floral Supply If you're like most of us, the days after Valentine's Day are a mix of emotions and physical pain. You're likely to feel physically exhausted and emotionally drained. Maybe you had a better than expected holiday, or your sales fell short. Whatever the case may be, take time to appreciate all you contribute to the world. Stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty you provide to your [...]


Self care made easy—get yourself some flowers!

by Jan Peterson at National Floral Supply Self care has become a lot of work. You gotta pamper, practice mindfulness, balance life and work, and be awesome at all of it. Flowers on the other hand are self care made easy. They won't replace working out or eating well. But they are a spiritual tune-up. So treat yourself to a little off-the-shelf self care.


Retirement Flowers

The assignment was to create a dish garden for a woman whose 45 year career was in nursing. This gift was to be presented as the buffet table centerpiece for her retirement party. Her friends and colleagues spoke with great admiration of her accomplishments in her field and her great sense of humor. My solution was to source a vintage bed pan, that was beautifully sculptural in it’s own right, as the amusing container of lovely [...]



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